About me


I love taking pictures.

I was always trying to get my hands on my dad’s treasured vintage Rolleiflex and Minolta cameras as a child, fascinated by these magical little boxes that take pictures.

After completing my degree in Fine Art Photography, I worked as an assistant whilst working on my own photographic projects - shooting rockabillies, teenagers in their bedrooms, club kids.. I love anything to do with subculture and visual identity. Then later I worked as a photographer shooting editorial portraits and fashion. Since having my own kids, I became obsessed with kids fashion and turned my lens to shooting kids fashion editorials, commercial campaigns and look books.

I love to capture personalities in my shoots, it’s fashion but not what you imagine. I like kids to be involved in the shots and most of all, be themselves and have lots of fun in the process. Even if the overall shoot is styled and has a narrative, I like things to be relaxed and natural and capture kids doing their ‘thing’.

I live in East London with my husband, my two kids and two moggies.